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About Us 

St Clement and St James – two churches in an extraordinarily diverse parish. The south of the parish is one of the richest parts of the city, while one of the poorest places in Britain is only a few minutes walk away to the north. 

Father Gareth Wardell is our resident clergyman, who has led us through the lockdown of Covid19.

Our congregation is drawn from many backgrounds. We are an inclusive church and welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, income or nationality. Do come and join us.

We have a long tradition of community action. We have a strong relationship with our church schoolOur sister charity, The ClementJames Centre offers a huge range of educational, literacy and support programmes. Grenfell Tower stands in the parish, and St Clement had an important role in the relief operation. It is now part of the continuing effort to bring healing and reconciliation to North Kensington.

At St James, we run a Summer Speaker programme and an annual fete. 

We offer acts of worship that are reverent and sacramental, but not stuffy. They will uplift and strengthen you for the week ahead.

We have a Facebook Group Page.