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Gambian clinic update 

A message from the Trustees of BACE: The Parish of St Clement and St James has kindly raised a huge £9000 during Lent towards our Gambian Appeal. Because of this, on Tuesday 15 April an order was placed by the BACE charity for a solar powered borehole to be built within the clinic grounds, which will provide 24 hour clean water, permanently. This will be utilised by the clinic for the maternity ward showers, basins and general cleanliness, but also by the 113 families who have vegetable plots on the land who are growing food to share with the rest of the village. The BACE Trustees cannot thank you enough for raising such a staggering sum in such a short time, and we look forward to showing you these improvements at the upcoming International Evening from 6.30 – 10.00 pm on Saturday 12 July at St Clement’s church. Save this date!
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