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Lent Appeal 2018 

Our Lent Appeal once again is in support of Iraqi Christians in Need (ICIN): This wonderful charity – which has very low overheads – supports Iraqi Christians who are suffering, displaced, destitute and persecuted. 

ICIN has identified for us a self-contained project which supports refugee children in Amman, Jordan – where the situation for refugees is very challenging. These children are not allowed to attend Jordanian schools. The project – which operates after the normal school day in a local Catholic school – is overseen by Fr Khalil Jaar and is staffed by Iraqi volunteers. Over the past two years, it has become so successful that the Iraqi Ministry of Education has granted it formal accreditation. Refugee children receive books, some food, and instruction in English, Maths and RE. Without this support, they would receive no education whatsoever, and would be out on the streets.

Here is a leaflet about Marka School, with further information about this inspirational project. Please take a moment to read it.

To donate on-line, go to Please don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation. And to ensure your donation goes to the Marka School project, please enter the code Marka CJ18 under ‘special instructions to recipient’. This will also enable ICIN to tell us how much in total the parish raised in 2018.

Joe Bahoshy, the Treasurer of ICIN, will come to speak to us at the 9.45 am and 11.30 am church services on the third Sunday in Lent: on 4 March. Please put this date in your diary and make a point of coming to church to hear what he has to say.

And please make your support for ICIN a priority this Lent – either online or through the Parish Office. Gift Aid envelopes are available in church.

The pressure on Marka School is continually rising, and our contribution will make a significant difference to people who have lost so much.